Wednesday, November 17, 2010

10 Things

            ABOUT WOMEN

1. If he’s calling her ‘Ma’am’, he better be talking to her MOM!

2. When she goes for a first date...
    The man rule: “wait three days before calling her back!”
    By that point, men’ve given up and moved on!

3. Stop talking! Especially when she’s in the middle of watching a romantic or crucial
    moment in a movie. She thinks he is purposely trying to distract her from watching
    romance happening.

4. Yes, it’s true – she sure does fake it. And no, he probably won’t know it.

5. Flowers really do make her feel better. Why is this small gesture something that he
    can’t seem to master?

6. It’s ok for her to complain about her mother, best friend or sister, but he is
    not allowed!

7. There doesn’t have to be a solution always .Sometimes he just needs to hear
    her talk! And she will think he understands.

8. When she asks him if she looks nice... he should not stop and think – he just
    has to say YES!

9. Her furry friends really do come first... (And fashion is a close second.)

10. She truly believes she is always right... and if she tells he is wrong...
      She’s just trying to shut him up.

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