Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Sense of Style

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The other day was blah one for me. Sporadic rain never puts me in a good mood and I also woke with a head rattling headache. Before I could function, I needed a crocin. Just a thought of the pills makes me feel creepy within.
So I turned to…my perfume shelf? Indeed, better than a song on my iphone or a new episode on TV, sometimes perfume is my perfect pick-upper.

Let me explain: I’ve always been kind of interested in hair, make-up and other girly pursuits. And in high school, when everybody was ballistic over the Body Shop, I discovered the magic of Angel Dust. I dabbed it on daily. It became my signature scent. Sure enough, I smelled like an angel indeed.
Fast forward to my Friends years, when I was early in my career and had moved in with my then boyfriend/now husband. My sniffing ability was becoming more sophisticated and I started slowing down at all the perfume counters, I’d walk past—Chanel! Hugo! Revlon! I eventually settled on a new scent that I (thought) I randomly picked out because I adored it—the classic Chanel No. 5. Since it was accessorized with a higher price tag than my beloved angel dust, hence became an occasional treat—birthdays, anniversaries, disco, and cocktails. One afternoon I wore it when my parents arrived for lunch and my mother remarked she smelled Chanel No. 5, reminding her of her mother. Astonishingly, it was my grandmother’s favorite scent as well.
Today, more into Family times, my Chanel, Eternity, Dior j’adore, Intimately Beckham and Spicy Obsession jostle for space on my perfume shelf. And just yesterday, I sprung on Paco Rabane Lady Million to boost my mood. It worked. I felt thrilled with myself and I soon realized that just a little waft would do me. It’d lift my mood and at times brings back fond memories of wearing Chanel to a fashion show in the city or to a romantic dinner with hubby at a holiday destination. I can’t always take my time to style my hair or don the perfect outfit, but at least I can smell nice instantly.

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