Wednesday, November 17, 2010

10 Things

            ABOUT WOMEN

1. If he’s calling her ‘Ma’am’, he better be talking to her MOM!

2. When she goes for a first date...
    The man rule: “wait three days before calling her back!”
    By that point, men’ve given up and moved on!

3. Stop talking! Especially when she’s in the middle of watching a romantic or crucial
    moment in a movie. She thinks he is purposely trying to distract her from watching
    romance happening.

4. Yes, it’s true – she sure does fake it. And no, he probably won’t know it.

5. Flowers really do make her feel better. Why is this small gesture something that he
    can’t seem to master?

6. It’s ok for her to complain about her mother, best friend or sister, but he is
    not allowed!

7. There doesn’t have to be a solution always .Sometimes he just needs to hear
    her talk! And she will think he understands.

8. When she asks him if she looks nice... he should not stop and think – he just
    has to say YES!

9. Her furry friends really do come first... (And fashion is a close second.)

10. She truly believes she is always right... and if she tells he is wrong...
      She’s just trying to shut him up.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Sense of Style

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The other day was blah one for me. Sporadic rain never puts me in a good mood and I also woke with a head rattling headache. Before I could function, I needed a crocin. Just a thought of the pills makes me feel creepy within.
So I turned to…my perfume shelf? Indeed, better than a song on my iphone or a new episode on TV, sometimes perfume is my perfect pick-upper.

Let me explain: I’ve always been kind of interested in hair, make-up and other girly pursuits. And in high school, when everybody was ballistic over the Body Shop, I discovered the magic of Angel Dust. I dabbed it on daily. It became my signature scent. Sure enough, I smelled like an angel indeed.
Fast forward to my Friends years, when I was early in my career and had moved in with my then boyfriend/now husband. My sniffing ability was becoming more sophisticated and I started slowing down at all the perfume counters, I’d walk past—Chanel! Hugo! Revlon! I eventually settled on a new scent that I (thought) I randomly picked out because I adored it—the classic Chanel No. 5. Since it was accessorized with a higher price tag than my beloved angel dust, hence became an occasional treat—birthdays, anniversaries, disco, and cocktails. One afternoon I wore it when my parents arrived for lunch and my mother remarked she smelled Chanel No. 5, reminding her of her mother. Astonishingly, it was my grandmother’s favorite scent as well.
Today, more into Family times, my Chanel, Eternity, Dior j’adore, Intimately Beckham and Spicy Obsession jostle for space on my perfume shelf. And just yesterday, I sprung on Paco Rabane Lady Million to boost my mood. It worked. I felt thrilled with myself and I soon realized that just a little waft would do me. It’d lift my mood and at times brings back fond memories of wearing Chanel to a fashion show in the city or to a romantic dinner with hubby at a holiday destination. I can’t always take my time to style my hair or don the perfect outfit, but at least I can smell nice instantly.


                  BAG IT   

The size of a bag is very important for women. If you are a very thin person, sometimes a huge bag looks a little weird, when you carry them. On the other hand, if you are bulky, you may get away with some of the larger ones.

Not only should your handbag coordinate with your outfit but should also be appropriate for the occasion. For example, an over-sized tote bag would be disastrous paired with a cocktail dress. A more appropriate handbag would be a small evening clutch.

Whatever the reason be, a handbag can identify a person's personality and can reflect the mood of the individual who carry it. A handbag can also set a fashion trend that spreads around the globe by just one person. There are millions of handbags to choose from and each one of us rely on our taste for it.

You'll find a myriad of handbags from top designers like Hi Design and Chanel to lesser known names and perhaps a few imitators.
 It's not just that bags that come in all shapes and sizes. You do, too. And if you're going to spend on a bag, you might as well make sure that it acts as the proper accessory that complements you.
So choose ones that’ll go best with your dresses. Although there is no universal law to tell you which one to buy always.
Depending on the occasion and the outfit, every woman needs the right handbag. If you want to go to a romantic dinner date in a beautiful dress, you will need a small and trendy clutch, while for a beach you need a big one. An elite medium size one for office to carry sun glasses, crème and all other girlie accessories. It is much more than just a place to put our keys, wallet, hairbrush, etc. It is an expression of our personality, of how we want to portray ourselves to the world. Just like with shoes, men often can't understand why we need several different purses, but as women, we know what difference a perfect handbag can bring. A classic black handbag is a must have for every woman.

For women, handbags are more than just an expression of fashion and personality. As I recall, there are plenty of brands of handbags that are worthy of ownership, not to forget, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Prada, Gucci and Burberry.

Before you shop online or browse the high street you should try to have a reasonable and realistic budget in mind. Expect to pay more for high quality leather and suede. The more you spend on a handbag, the better the quality. So if you are looking to purchase a handbag that you want to last beyond a season, then spend a little more.

Trying a handbag is just as important as trying clothes. Where your handbag rests actually draws the most attention. A clutch rests in your palms, an evening bag, on your arms and a classy office bag, on your shoulder.
In addition to its great functionality as a secure storage, it gives ladies an extra styling whether going to the mall or attending a night out party. Definitely, bags are a must have for women who need not just a piece of baggage but also a useful accessory that accentuate their looks.

Leather has always been a classic; however, other purse materials are as fashionable now. Fabric bags can look very stylish, as well as, a mix of fabric and leather. Straw bags are simple and create a great look for any event. Moreover, straw looks very natural and it goes well with an outfit of any color. Nowadays most women consider suede or other luxurious material for handbags. Not only can you don a chic look but stop plenty of bloodshed and save animals. So go make that fashion statement... 

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